I am going to start up some of my old routines…like my training Tuesday posts, just may be more of a bi-weekly thing rather than weekly.

Oh training. I am purposely posting this post a day late so this picture could be true:


Yes, that says 30 DAYS!! Just one month before the 50 miler. No, I have not signed up yet. E has said that he wants to run it too..which definitely gives me more confidence and motivation.

Now to just get on that training..

Which is exactly what I’m here to talk about..training..it hasn’t been going so well. I have not been following my training plan as I should be.

Here’s what last week’s plan looked like:
Monday – Cross train
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday –  4 miles
Thursday – 12 miles
Friday – rest/crosstrain
Saturday/Sunday – 20 miles

And beginning of this week:
Monday – Cross train
Tuesday – 3 miles

Here’s what last week actually looked like:
Monday – 8.77 miles (trying to make up for the weekend before..we won’t go there)
Tuesday – ran 1 miles, walked 2 miles
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – 11.45 miles (able to run during lunch and then after work)
Friday – rest day
Saturday – rest day
Sunday – 5.69 miles

Monday – cross train/yoga
Tuesday – 6.35 miles

Poop. All of it. You can clearly tell I haven’t been sticking to the plan. Most days start off ready and prepared to put in the miles. Then I sit all day and convince myself to go home and just sit some more. You know, Newton’s law of Motion…a body at rest will stay at rest. Well for me it’s pretty true..even if  mentally.

I keep that picture frame counting down to the race in my office and update it every week. I keep it there to remind me what I am striving for, why I bring running clothes with me daily, and how little time I have left before the race.

I promise you…I promise myself that I will get better at sticking to my training plan, I will get in more longer runs, and I will sign up for the 50 miler.

Happy running!


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