This is a recipe for a meal Eric used to cook for me…expect I made it a little bit healthier!

I’ll call it the “rice” bean bowl. Rice is in quotes because I don’t actually use rice. This is the “healthier” part from E’s version. E uses rice, I use cauliflower rice.

The ingredients:


Black beans
Mixed vegetables
Ground meat

I know, I normally am not one to buy canned and frozen foods. However, I was in a rush when cooking all of this and it was much easier to buy frozen veggies and canned beans. All organic though…so I tell myself that’s second best.

You will want to start by cooking the cauliflower rice. The easiest way to do this is blend it in a food processor and then cook it in the oven until cooked thoroughly.

While the rice is cooking, cook the meat. (I used ground turkey, you can use any ground meat.) Make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly.

While that is cooking, cook the vegetables and beans in separate pots.

Once all the ingredients are cooked, add them together in one bowl and mix well.


You guys know I like recipes that are very versatile. This is no different. You can eat this just as it is, in a tortilla (or lettuce wrap), or as a topping or side dish to any other meal.

I hope you guys are enjoying my recipes! And let me know if you have one that you want featured on the blog!

Happy eating!


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